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New Special Issue published: Agents in Traffic and Transportation (ATT 2020). Be sure to stay up-to-date with all the latest issues of AI Communications (AIC) by signing up to the journal newsletter!

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Be sure to stay up-to-date with all the latest issues of AI Communications (AIC) by signing up to the journal newsletter!

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AI Communications (AIC) is a journal on artificial intelligence (AI) which has a close relationship to EurAI (European Association for Artificial Intelligence, formerly ECCAI). It covers the whole AI community: Scientific institutions as well as commercial and industrial companies.

The journal publishes six new issues a year and aims to enhance contacts and information exchange between AI researchers and developers, as well as providing supranational information to those concerned with AI and advanced information processing. AIC publishes peer-reviewed articles concerning scientific and technical AI procedures, provided they are of sufficient interest to a large readership of both scientific and practical background. In addition it contains high-level background material, both at the technical level as well as the level of opinions, policies and news.

Latest Newsletter

In our latest newsletter we announced the first issue published in 2021: Volume 34, Issue 1: Agents in Traffic and Transportation (ATT 2020)

This special issue presents innovative and novel solutions related to modelling of pedestrian and vehicle behavior, coordination of transportation using machine learning and data-driven approaches, as well as traffic problems.

This special issue may be of interest to AI researchers already active or interested in a variety of research areas such as path planning, optimization, data analytics, machine learning, multi-agent systems, and their coordination. In all these areas, traffic and transportation form interesting and challenging application areas, especially when using mobile intelligent technologies. In addition, since traffic scenarios are often used as testbeds for innovative technologies, this special issue may be interesting also to researchers that do not directly address real-world traffic and transportation problems.

Next to this, we are pleased to announce the publication of The Handbook of Satisfiability Second Edition. Find more information at tiny.cc/SAT2021 and order the book before April 15, 2021 with a discount of 35%!



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Additionally, in the newsletter, there is a section dedicated to highly viewed journal articles via our content platform. Topping the quarter 3 report is the article "The current challenges of automatic recognition of facial expressions: A systematic review".

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