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Handbook of Satisfiability - Second Edition. Editors: Armin Biere, Marijn Heule, Hans van Maaren, Toby Walsh.


Call for Papers: Special Issue!

Submit your work to AI Communications. This is a Call for Papers for an upcoming Special Issue: Multi-Agent Systems Research in the United Kingdom in AI Communications – The European Journal of Artificial Intelligence


About AI Communications

The European Journal on Artificial Intelligence

AI Communications is a journal on Artificial Intelligence (AI) which has a close relationship to EurAI (European Association for Artificial Intelligence, formerly ECCAI). It covers the whole AI community: scientific institutions as well as commercial and industrial companies. 

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Steven Schockaert
Steven Schockaert
School of Computer Science and Informatics
Cardiff University, United Kingdom

Rafael Peñaloza
Rafael Peñaloza
Department of Informatics, Systems and Communication
University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy